Flying ...

I started dreaming about flying when I was a small kid. With a lot of perseverance when I turned 17 (and not even allowed to drive a car yet) I started to fly. The first time ever I was in the air I was already sitting in the cockpit and trying to control the Aircraft. It was a great feeling but also quite scary since the mountains seemed to be closer than they really where.

After 18 I did not fly anymore due to a lot of other things I had in my mind and I can not really say I missed it.

Later in life -much later- after I was involved in aviation due to work I gradually got tickeled by the idea of flying again.

I looked for a way and location where I could be fully concentrating on flying, with no -or almost no- disturbance due to work or other reasons. This would not have been possible if I had opted for a traditional private pilot school close to my home: bad weather and other disturbances would have caused too many interruptions. After searching the Web I found what was perfect for me: A Flying School in southern Spain: in Jerez.

This was a great experience: I had also some spare time to really enjoy the andalusian atmosphere and at the same time re-learn to fly!

I did that back in 2010. Since I enjoyed it and I was eager to learn more I repeated the wonderful summer by taking IR in 2012.

Michele inspecting the ACFT Me inspecting the ACFT at Montichiari before leaving for Genova over the Cinque Terre and thereafter to Modena. After that some of the more interesting flights we have done are:

Special Flights:

  • Trip from Jerez to Faro (the night rating flight)
  • Trip from Berscia/Montichiari to Genova (touch and go) and further to Modena and back to Montichiari.
  • Trip from Lugano/Agno to the Matterhorn.